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How do I install the Wonder Holder™?

Make sure that you clean the surface where you would like to place the Wonder Holder™ immediately before you place it. You may use the alcohol wipe included (provided you can place alcohol on that surface). Make sure the surface is dry after cleaning. Peel the 3M backing off the round holder and press firmly in position for about 60 seconds. Do the same on the back of the device you use. Clean the area you wish to place the plate, in the same fashion as described above, and then peel the 3M backing and press firmly in position. That's all there is to it! It should take no more than 60 seconds to install.

Will I need tools to install?

No. Everything you need comes in the neat little package.

I placed the magnetic part of the Wonder Holder™ on my dashboard and it doesn't stick! Why?

Sorry, but the reason for this is that you did not clean the surface of your dashboard right before placing the Wonder Holder™ on there. You must do this even if the car "looks" clean as any dust particles will not allow the adhesive to hold.

How do I remove the Wonder Holder™ when I come to sell my car, phone, etc?

Simple, on the main round magnetic part, just use your thumb to apply pressure in an upwards direction, and if you push upwards hard enough, and slowly it will peel off! For your device, pry a soft edged (non piercing) item in between the backing and your device. Do this gently and slowly to peel the backing off.

Can I reuse the Wonder Holder™?

In theory, if you can stick it on something else, ok. As with anything that has an adheisive, it never has the same sticking power as the previous time. Having said that, we have reused it without a problem...however we do not recommend it. Buy 3 or more Wonder Holder™ for a discounted rate so that you may place everywhere.

Can I use this to hold hard-drive based MP3 players or other hard-drive based devices?

We have not tested this, and would not recommend using with any mechanical device, meaning that if it has moving parts such as a hard drive, or a spinning cd/dvd player it may affect its life. It is however fine to use flash based players and devices such as iPod Shuffle, or iPod Touch, etc. Most large storgae devices such as 100GB MP3 players would be hard-drive based. It is best you check with your product manufacturer's guide to see what kind of storage memory it uses before using it with Wonder Holder™.

Will it damage my Phone / Satellite Navigation system?

We have been using this product with so many different types of phones and navigation systems for a few years without any problems at all. People have been using many different brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, iPhone, Sony to name a few...all with brilliant results!!! A true pleasure to use this product :)

How long will it take before I receive my order?

In the UK it will usually arrive within 2-3 working days. For other parts of the world, it will take slightly longer depending where you are. Either way, we despatch it either the same day or the next working day based on the time of your order.

My iPhone Compass app doesn't work, why?

Well, as compasses are magnetic, by putting this on the Wonder Holder™ the compass function stops working until you take it off the holder, and it starts working again. We have tested the Google Maps navigation on the iPhone while driving and it works fine without need for the compass app.

My Blackberry Storm screen goes blank when I put it on the Wonder Holder™, why?

This model has shown to show a black screen while placed on the holder. You can still be on a call, and that won't stop the call, just the screen will blank out due to the mechanics of the display on that model. It doesn't damage the phone, and it holds it fine. It appears to be a unique issue with this model, but still usable when on a call, and holds the phone in place.

I saw the warning saying "Do Not use with Hard-Drive based devices" What does that mean?

As a general rule of thumb, when you power on your device, if you feel/hear a whirring or a buzz of some kind, it usually has mechanical drive inside. An example of such a device is the iPod Video up to 6th Generation which has a mechanical hard drive. Basically do not use this with a product that contains moving parts where a magnet may affect/damage its movement. If you are unsure, check with your device manufacturer and/or feel free to email us and hopefully we can help. An iPod Touch, Shuffle, or nano....even the iPhone are safe to use with Wonder Holder™ as they don't have mechanical parts, they use flash memory.